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1956 DKW F93 3=6 Sonderklasse Coupe


A total departure from the pre-war models the F93 owes its shape to the F9 streamlined prototype of 1939 and also inherited an enlarged version of its twin cylinder engine becoming a three cylinder in the process. Due to its compact size, the engine and transmission is able to lie further forward within the chassis thus creating a spacious interior without the confines of a transmission tunnel.    


This particular car was originally purchased in Gibralter by a Mr Robinson who liked the car so much he decided to bring the car back to the UK in 1958. Working for the Meteorological service Mr Robinson used the car to get to various locations around Scotland. He then moved to Surrey where the car ended its days stored outside with a couple of other 3=6 models before going to the Isle of Wight for restoration. However these plans were shelved and the car ended up being stored outside. The car was by then in very poor condition with many of its original parts removed and missing (including the original engine). However some spares have now been located which means the restoration can now commence.



Coupe body incorporates wind down rear windows allowing a pillarless configuration  - earlier 3=6 models utilised suicide doors.



Column gearshift and stylish steering wheel design. All controls close to hand including under dash handbrake and lever for remotely operated radiator blind.


Restoration begins!


Front wings, inner wheel arches and bonnet dismantled.

Body  then removed to allow full chassis assessment and repair.


Chassis see's the light of day for the first time since 1956.



Chassis in generally good condition (considering its sojourn on the Isle of Wight) but small repairs needed at leading nearside end and engine drip-pan.


Rotted area cut out and repaired after derusting.

Engine drip tray replaced using good second hand part.

chassis blast cleaned and then -

Etch primed top coated and waxoyled internally.


Front and rear leaf springs stripped down blast cleaned and painted along with rear beam axle.










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