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Air cooled VW engine reconditioned spares


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Air-cooled VW Solex reconditioned carburettors




Please contact me if you have any air-cooled West German VW Solex carbs in any condition you wish to dispose of.

Payment by cash, BACS transfer or personal cheque.



Solex 34 Pict 3  reconditioned original carburettor

T1/T2 1600cc  211 129 031

As found fitted to a VW Bay window van engine which was in regular use. Repro carbs don't come near the quality of the Solex originals.

The following sequence of photo's shows the carb after complete disassembly and cleaning. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.




 Throttle shaft bushes renewed (old Nylon type on the right). If you have ever noticed petrol drips from either side of the carb (especially on the throttle cable side) then the cross-shaft bushes have worn. This can also cause an air leak with resultant flat spot and makes tuning difficult. Silicon bronze bushes are fitted and regular lubrication as recommended by VW will prevent this problem happening again.




Rebuilt and ready for service - carburettor body is ultrasonically cleaned to remove internal fuel deposits, blast cleaned, levers/linkages media blasted and painted and then  reassembled using new Italian-made gaskets seals diaphragms and float needle valve. Jets checked and ultrasonically cleaned, choke and fuel cut-off operation checked, fuel float checked for leaks. Gasket flanges refaced and new manifold base gasket supplied.

229* plus 12.98 post and packing

 *exchange - original West German Solex only.




Solex 31 pict 3 reconditioned  original carburettor




189 plus 12.98 post and packing





28 pict 30 pict 31 pict and 32/34 PDSIT  carburettors also available - please contact for details.



Solex spare parts supplied - chokes, jets, air/fuel cut-off solenoids etc.











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